Spiritual Wings

Why is it so hard for many to be a Christian, obey the rules of a Christian lifestyle and practice what the Lord Jesus taught?

It’s as if a caterpillar wanted to fly.
It is difficult for a caterpillar to fly. It is virtually impossible for this to happen.
Someone could throw the caterpillar up into the air, but it would just fall right back down.
But when a caterpillar enters the cocoon, it stays there for some time to transform, and no one else will have to throw it up into the air. The same creature that dragged itself on the ground can now fly on its own.

With its new form, the ex- caterpillar, which is now a butterfly, brings joy wherever it flies.
It is normal for it to bring life where it goes,
They make gardens more beautiful and many are happy to have them around.

The same happens with us.
Every day the Lord “throws people up into the air” with words of faith, with uplifting messages through the radio, TV, internet etc. Yet many have not been able to fly on their own.

The Fast of Daniel is an opportunity for everyone that is in the presence of God. May each person be made new through the Holy Spirit.
May they receive “spiritual wings”, so it can be natural for them to fly on their own.

They will be new men and women, they will turn the other cheek, give their cloak also, go the extra mile, repay evil with good, be the light of the world, be the salt of the earth… And because of their new nature, a Christian life will be for them what it is already for us, who are baptized with the Holy Spirit.

It will be natural for them to forgive, overlook any offenses, always tell the truth, be faithful to God, have a humble heart, invigorated faith, love their neighbor, serve everyone and become soul winners.

May you stop dragging yourself and come fly with us after this Fast of Daniel!

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