Soul Winners – Fishers of Men

Then Jesus said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you become fishers of men.” (Mark 1.17)

Nothing compares to the joy and peace one has when receiving Salvation. This new-found strength drives the person to reach out to others. It is a passion that God Himself placed inside of that person’s heart. This person cannot imagine one day passing by without taking the word of salvation, healing, and transformation to those who are suffering. In this faith, the Soul Winner Group came about – formed by people who have a true and sincere relationship with God and who put all their strength into saving souls. Soul Winners do not limit themselves to place and circumstance; their mission speaks louder than anything, and they will face cold, snow, deserts, distance, and any obstacle in order to tell others about Jesus and to show them the way for a complete life transformation. A Soul Winner does not see nationality, the color of the skin, or the difference in lifestyle; they see everyone as a precious soul that needs God’s help and guidance.

universal_church_soul_winner_chadThe group functions not only in the USA but also in more than 100 countries, reaching out to people from various nationalities and backgrounds. Soul Winners have active social projects in hundreds of communities throughout the world, taking not only the food and clothing but above all, the spiritual help those who are in distress need. Soul Winners go to street corners, visit homes in distant places where the church has not a location yet, they call and follow up with those that write their names in the prayerbook, and they pray for the community without giving up.

universal_church_soul_winner_brazilSoul Winners give so much of their time and effort into reaching out to others, but they also receive much spiritual support and guidance from the pastors that care for the group. They have weekly meetings and one-on-one spiritual support, helping each other in the journey for taking God’s Kingdom to all the peoples of the world.

If you have the desire to do more for God, to grow spiritually and reach out to others, then speak with the pastor at The Universal Church near you for more information on how to join the Soul Winners Group.


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