Serving God without God

There is nothing worse than the spirit of deception. He has been acting for thousands of years, sometimes even as an angel of light. He infiltrates in an unnoticeable way, and only those who have the Holy Spirit have the discernment to notice his tricks.

The spirit of deceit has already been in the light and knows how the Kingdom works very well. Today he lives in the darkness, but he used to be an angel. He is a fallen angel, but he was an angel. We cannot forget that he wished to be like God. He was envious, rebellious, proud, and yet sowed division among angels that had but one purpose: to serve God.

When a person has these feelings hidden deep within their soul, where no one can see, there lies the spirit of deceit. He presents himself with false humbleness, someone who wants the good of others, but deep down, like Lucifer, he conceals his real intention, which is to serve himself and receive glory from this world.

So why the title “Serving God without God”?
We know that the first king of Israel was Saul, and he was the kind of leader every nation wanted to have. Saul was a tall, handsome man from the tribe of Benjamin. At first, God saw in him good qualities and gave him an opportunity to prove his character and be elevated to a position of more responsibility. In the beginning, he proved to be one of the chosen, demonstrating a level of humbleness that gave him every condition to be an excellent king.

However, sadly, Saul fell into the same mistake that destroys many men of God. Instead of maintaining his humbleness before God, as a servant of the people, he began to worry about his position and honor. With this change of focus, Saul became a horrible king. With the same sin as Lucifer, he strayed from his calling. With disobedience, rebellion, and pride, also came his fall, to the point where God said:

Now the word of the Lord came to Samuel, saying, “I greatly regret that I have set up Saul as king; for he has turned back from following Me, and has not performed My commandments”. 1 Samuel 15.10-11

God was no longer with Saul and he knew it, but he hid this from the people, acting like an anointed. The spirit of deceit was in him. He reigned over the nation for 40 years; he was still king in the eyes of the people, but in the eyes of God he was no longer king. He was serving the people and “God”, but without God.

Many are in the same situation, speaking of God, acting like they are anointed, but they have fallen in their sins, serving “God” with a spirit of hatred, envy and pride.

May God have mercy!

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