Sacrifice in the Hebrew alphabet

We just experienced the inauguration of the Temple of Solomon. I imagine that every person who is in this faith, like Solomon, presented a sacrifice that will cause fire come down from heaven.

The fire of God fell from the sky very few times in the Bible, because it was not often that something great was done to provoke the visible manifestation of God, such as fire falling from the sky.

I am sure everyone that, with determination, prepared their sacrifice and presented it to God in the Temple will see His fire appear in their lives, because it is the lives of those who belong to Him that He wants to reveal Himself to. Just like fire illuminates, the life of those who sacrificed will also be iluminated, drawing attention to the miracles and transformations that God will do in their life. Everyone will see.

There is a letter in the Hebrew alphabet called KUF –”ק”. It looks like a “P”, but it sounds like “K”. The root of this letter means: SACRIFICE – which was offered in the Temple. It also comes from COMIMG CLOSER. This means, when a person offers a sacrifice, he comes closer to God.

In Hebrew geometry, KUF is the number 186, which is the equivalent of “MAKON”, which means “ALMIGHTY”. When a person offers a true sacrifice to God, he comes closer to God, who in turn manifests Himself in an almighty way. It is the pure fire of God!

But the strongest part is that this letter also symbolizes “primate”, an animal, like a monkey. This means that when a person doesn’t come closer to God, by offering a sacrifice, to see His manifestation as the Almighty, he does not know Him! He is like a primate, who looks a lot like a man, but the difference is the lack of reason. They do not have intelligence; therefore, there is no intelligent faith.

When a person does not care about God, he is like a primate, he looks like a man, but has no intelligence. A man that does not have God is foolish, he is like a person who wanders aimlessly through life without knowing his Creator.

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