Running from Debt Collectors

I had a debt of approximately $138,000. Despite being a businesswoman, I got to the point of not having conditions to pay any of my bills. I had debt collectors at my door. I felt so ashamed that leaving my house was the last thing I wanted to do. I felt I was being watched by everyone. My countenance as a woman hit rock bottom. I didn’t feel worthy to even look up when walking, hence why my head was always down.

Once, after leaving the bank, feeling completely disorientated, I walked into a Help Centre. After taking part in the Campaign of Israel, I managed to stabilise my business. I regained my dignity, but it wasn’t overnight. Through the obedience and acts of faith, a transformation took place in my life. Today I earn enough to sustain my needs and still help others. I now live in a private estate and my house is worth $4M. I own brand new cars, but above all things I have peace and happiness within.”

Marlucia M.

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