Rescuing souls from hell

Good morning, Bishop!

A couple of days ago, I watched a movie called American Sniper, which is a true story of an elite sniper who, during the war, protects his brothers-in-arms from enemy attacks. With pinpoint accuracy, he saved several lives. He returned from war to his family, but was unable to stay. And so, he went back to the battlefield to save the greatest number of people possible.

Bishop, I spent the entire movie thinking about you, an elite sniper, except your weapon is faith. Tirelessly rescuing souls from hell, my family and I were rescued by the Spirit of God, through the war you have waged.

Like many, when I first came to the Universal Church, I had been sexually abused by my father as a child and had a miserable life. Today, I have a LIFE of quality and am firm in the intelligent faith, a faith that you, as the father of my soul, have taught me every day, and most importantly: with the Holy Spirit, my most valuable achievement.

Many heroes of the Bible did not do half of what you have done throughout the world, forgive me the audacity of my statement, but you, through the Spirit of God, have not only rescued thousands of souls from hell, but have helped thousands of people rewrite their life’s story.

Bishop, do you know what this means? People are having the opportunity to write a new life’s story. They’re being freed from the devil’s claws; I know this very well and speak with great authority. Sometimes, when I see a homeless person walk into the Church, I comment with my daughter, “In less than 3 months this person is going to be transformed,” and many times, not even 3 months pass, it’s the most glorious thing to behold.

When they ask for an offering or a purpose of faith, I run to the Altar, because I know that through smaller offerings, I can be contributing to saving lives, and this is priceless.

Just as Abraham, our father in faith wrote a new story, you have written a new story of freedom in the world, and it does not matter where we came from, but where we are going.

You’re in my family album of prayer; therefore, just like I pray for my family every day, I pray for you and your family, especially Mrs. Esther, who through her strength, the Lord Jesus has sustained you. I have no words and could never express my gratitude. If I could share your struggles with you, I would say, here I am for whatever you need.

May the Lord Jesus bless you powerfully!
Greetings to my father and mother in the Faith, Bishop Macedo and Mrs. Esther.

Patricia Leal

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