Rescue in the Temple

Good morning, Bishop!

The meeting on Saturday (30th) in the Temple was wonderful! Many people that had fallen away, returned and you can just imagine how many demons manifested.

I spoke to a woman who was an assistant for seven years; however, she was not born of God, so she rebelled against the pastor because he removed her as the head of a group.

She turned to witchcraft, where the devil said to her: “I have an important job for you here”. She started serving the demons and using large amounts of drugs; so much so, that because of cocaine, she had an aneurysm.

Her doctors said she had a maximum of two years left to live, but this wasn’t rock bottom! She became involved with crime and was sentenced to twelve years in prison.

She described the hell she endured in that place! She said something that really caught my attention, and I mentioned this during the meeting to warn others. She said: “I exchanged the sacred uniform of an assistant for a prison uniform”.

Bishop, fear fell upon everyone! This rescue work is a warning for those who do the Work of God to keep alert.

This former assistant saw the assistant’s TV program while in prison, and in another rescue event we held, she sent her prison clothes to represent her.

Bishop, through the Holy Spirit there were many who reconciled with God. Also, many were baptized on Sunday.

I can tell you that there was a great awakening of faith during this meeting.

Thank God!

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