Protecting the heart

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 5.3

Early every morning, the rooster crowed and soon the sun rose. He proudly walked around the henhouse with his head held high for the rest of the day, boasting about the power of his song. One day, feeling very tired, he woke up late and when he went outside to crow, the sun was already there, shining with all its might.

Poor rooster! He fell into a deep depression because he discovered that he was not responsible for that marvelous wonder.

For this reason, the Lord Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount telling everyone to remain grounded, keep their heads out of the clouds, not to consider themselves more important than others just because they do something differently, even though the result of their work, to the human eye, is extraordinary.

When the 70 that had been sent out by the Lord Jesus returned, they were amazed because the sick were healed and demons were cast out, but they were warned to rejoice instead because their name were written in heaven.

We have to be very careful not to lose track of our size, because when we begin to seek recognition for our work, we may even get it, but if one day we don’t, or it stops happening, the sadness can be so profound that we’ll inevitably hit rock bottom.

Think about this: if we remove the name of Jesus, the Word of God and His Spirit, what will be left of our achievements?

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