A husband came to his father and asked, “Dad, I can’t stand my wife anymore. I want to kill her, but I’m afraid people will find out I did it. Can you help me?”

The father replied, “Yes, I can, but there’s a catch… You’ll have to make up with her so that nobody suspects anything when she dies.
You have to take very good care of her, be gentle, grateful, patient, loving, less selfish, always give back, listen more… You see this powder? You are going to put some of it in her food every day. This way, she will die a slow death.”

After 30 days, the son came back and told his father: “I don’t want her to die!
I have learned to love her. And now, what am I going to do? How do I get the antidote to the poison?”

The father then said, “Don’t worry! What I gave you was rice powder.
She isn’t going to die, because the poison was inside you!”

When we nurse our grudges, we die slowly.
May we be able to make peace with ourselves and those who have offended us.
May we treat others like we would like to be treated.
May we make an initiative to love, give, offer, serve, present… and not want to win, be served, take advantage and exploit others.

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