Pakistani woman shares her experience

Good morning, Bishop!

I’m emailing you Elizabeth’s recount of her visit to the Temple of Solomon. She is a former Muslim from Pakistan. Since making the decision to follow Jesus, she was rejected by her family, to the point of being threatened with death if she ever returned and set foot in her country.

My name is Elisabeth and this is my second visit to the Temple of Solomon. What I found during the last couple of days was the wonderful Presence of God.

All the work that was done in this Temple glorifies God. Everyone who wants something more with God should visit the Temple, because it is an opportunity to find and know God in this holy place.

While here, our communion is continuous. We don’t know who is sitting to our left or right, but it does not matter because we know who is directly in front of us.

I was able to listen and understand God speak to me clearly, and I feel spiritually stronger .

In this temple, you will find the same power as in the time of Moses, when he freed the people. I was also freed and transformed. For 10 years, I was completely lost, but one day in the Temple restored all those years.

Everyone who comes to the Temple can be restored immediately, there are no words to explain, but we have an open channel of communication with God, we speak and are answered instantly.

Here, I received the conviction from God that my future is in His hands. Now I know how to act before my problems because I am restored, complete and can speak to Him easily, because the words that come out of my mouth are placed there by the Holy Spirit.

I hold within myself the following words: “You must be holy, separated; for I am Holy. ”

It is a wonderful experience that no amount of money can buy.

Pastor Marcos – Luxembourg

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