Our very extraordinary gift

For some people, having financial stability means everything. For others, it’s the desire to have a partner by their side. But for Anahita and Jamshed Dubash, all they wanted was to make their family complete.

Jamshed: Within the first few months of attending the UCKG HelpCentre, we participated in our first Campaign of Israel for our financial life and that improved dramatically. We were even able to acquire our own house. Everything was going well, but we had another request: We imagined having a family of our own.

Anahita: Although we went to doctors and were told that there was a slight blockage delaying my pregnancy, I had the necessary treatment but still I couldn’t conceive. I knew that sacrifice was the only answer. When the Campaign came along, I had faith that something extraordinary was going to happen! I made up my mind that I would only conceive naturally and not by IVF treatment.

Jamshed: When my wife made the decision to participate in the Campaign, I didn’t stop her. I wanted a family as much as she did, and although everything seemed against us, our faith would not allow us to be knocked back.

Anahita: I had tried for a baby for three years and failed, but soon after my act of faith, I fell pregnant. I had a smooth delivery, giving birth to a healthy baby boy. My husband and I are extremely happy. I remember telling my husband that our son Aarish is the only product, which we can say, is actually manufactured by us through the power of the Campaign. We finally have the extraordinary gift we have always wanted.


Jamshed and Anahita

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