Our great responsibility

For if the trumpet makes an uncertain sound, who will prepare for the battle?

I Corinthians 14.8

The trumpet is an instrument of war placed in the hands of the Watchman so that he can warn people about the danger of the sword.

But it’s not enough to be a Watchman and have a trumpet, you must blow it in a way that can be understood, preparing the people for battle. In our case, the battle is for our Salvation.

How many souls are in hell, and how many are still going to go (we are talking about millions of souls), just because they are not prepared, they did not understand the sound of the trumpet?

It is true that many did not want to surrender to the Lord Jesus, but we cannot forget those that were lost because of the Watchman’s negligence.

The devil knows the importance of the Watchman and knows that he is appointed by God Himself. But, once distracted, the sound of his trumpet will not be understood.
This is why the devil tries to distract him with other thoughts to divert his focus, which should only be on saving souls.

An uncertain sound is when:
Emotional faith takes the place of intelligent faith;
The focus is on the gold and not the Altar that sanctifies the gold;
Religious traditions replace the Commandments.

When the right sound is given, those who hear it are left with no doubts.
And so the people are able to get prepared for battle.

The trumpet is already in our hands, but we cannot be distracted, because this would cost lives.

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