Our Daily Bread

Good morning, Bishop!

The world weighs heavy on my shoulders because I’m enduring many battles, but I feel an unexplainable joy and peace, though I know perfectly well where it comes from.

Every day, at breakfast, I start the day by nourishing my soul with teachings from your book, Our Daily Bread for 365 days. I’ve given this book to a couple of people as a present too, because I have a great desire to share what I have been receiving.

A few days ago, a woman I gave one of these books to called thanking me and told me how much her life changed since she began reading it (approximately 3 weeks ago). She explained how she was experiencing symptoms of depression but now feels well, very light. She asked me if I could get another book for her to give her friend who is having serious problems with her husband and has even mentioned wanting to kill him.

I immediately sent her a book I had in my small stock (which I now have to restock), with no charge of course, though she wanted to pay me for it. However, I explained that I was doing this as an offering to God, who has taken such great care of me. How can I not love and admire Bishop Edir and all of you (bishops and pastors), who are truly committed to the things of God, and do so much for us?

Thank you, Bishop! I praise God for all of these lives.

Valdeci Wenceslau Barao Marques

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