Open Air Night Vigil

Then He brought him outside and said, “Look now toward heaven, and count the stars if you are able to number them.”Genesis 15.5

At one of the darkest times in his life, God asked Abraham to do something simple; to step out of his tent and take a look at the starts.

What was God’s idea? How would that be of any help?

The answer is just as simple as the request itself; to understand God’s greatness and infinite power. To help him realize that his problems, needs and worries are nothing once compared to Him.

You might feel your problems are great; insurmountable giants meant to crush you down… But GREATER is the One calling you out of that state of fear and confusion.

Join us on Friday June 19th at 9pm* as we seek God’s strength and guidance. You will be reminded of His Greatness and given the chance to act on it! Don’t miss it!

Venue: 2420 Dufferin St, Toronto, Ontario and in all of our branches.

*Time may vary at your local branch. Call to find out more. Click here to see the list of our numbers.

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