Only by faith

Then Jesus said to him: Go your way; your faith has made you well… Mark 10.52

This was what Jesus said to all those who achieved the miracle they were seeking.

We can see that it was not Jesus who healed them; the faith they manifested was actually responsible for their healing. If Jesus were responsible for healing and salvation, everyone, without exception, would be healed and saved. But, since it is faith that heals and saves, only those who manifested their faith were healed and saved. So why did some receive and others didn’t? Because some manifested their faith, and others didn’t. The same happens today – this is how it worked in the past, and continues to work now.

The Lord Jesus wanted to make it clear that to receive what we want, it depends exclusively on the faith we manifest. The fact that you are a good person or that God exists is not enough for you to receive a miracle. We know that, when we do what is good, we will reap good fruit, and it is God who gives the blessing, but only by faith can we conquer what we need. Faith is the price to be paid to achieve what we desire from God.

Why do some conquer more, others less and some nothing at all, when they are all seeking the same God? The difference is not in the God they’re seeking, but the faith they manifest. Those who conquer more, manifest more faith, those who conquer less, manifest less faith, and those who don’t conquer anything, don’t manifest any faith at all. What differs one faith from another is not its size, but how it is implemented, how it is manifested.

Your blessing does not depend on God or somebody else. If it depended on God, He would already have given it to you from the beginning. And if it were up to somebody else, you would most likely never receive anything. But your blessing depends on you, it depends on the faith you manifest.

Faith, as well as salvation, is individual and nontransferable – not even God can do your part. Therefore, there’s no use relying on the mercy of God and waiting for something to fall out of the sky, or depend on someone else’s faith. Go by your own faith, to reap what you are willing to plant and to achieve what you believe you can achieve.

Now, go, because YOUR faith will save you.

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