One person, two realities

We all have two realities: our reality and God’s reality. Our reality is the one we see and live, where we are surrounded by our family, friends and acquaintances. It is where the problems are real, the struggles are constant, we are faced with impossible situations and challenges put us to the test all the time. Its no use saying that it’s any different, you can’t lie to yourself because this is our reality and that’s it.

This is why it is so difficult to present the faith in the Lord Jesus as a solution to transform someone’s life. Its as if a voice is saying: “Everything you’re hearing is beautiful, and even interesting, but don’t forget your reality.”

Abraham lived with his family, relatives and friends; his life was established in the land of Ur, this was his reality. One day, God appeared to him and, in other words, said: “Leave everything behind and come to my reality.” He did not say yes or no, he simply went, considering it as an order from God.

Abraham was happy because everything God promised him was happening. The promises were fulfilled, there was prosperity, whatever he touched was blessed; it was worth listening to the voice of God and leaving everything behind. He didn’t seem to lack anything, nothing more needed to happen, this was his reality.

One day, God said to him, “Take your son, whom you love and sacrifice him to Me.” Once again God was calling him to leave his reality and enter the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven. And you already know the end, but if you don’t, you can read it in Genesis 22.

The truth is: If you are tired of listening to people speak about how God worked wonders in their lives, testimonies and more testimonies of people who were transformed, then do what they did.

Why are we considered the children of Abraham by faith? Because we obey. This obedient faith to the Word of God is what will get you out of your harsh reality and into the reality of God. You will go from the “i” of impossible to the “p” of possible. However, the decision is always ours.

We have seen people who spent some time living in the Kingdom of Heaven, but felt homesick and returned to their reality, and its needless to say that their lives are a living hell.

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