My life was stuck

Before coming to the church I was full of trouble. I would drink alcohol every day. Many times, I got into trouble with the law for stealing things and getting into fights. All I wanted to do was see people in pain. I was an empty person with no plans for the future. When I reached my lowest point, I wanted to die. I was tired of it all, and attempted to kill myself many times but nothing ever worked.

When I received an invitation to the church by a friend, I accepted and came. From the moment I came, my life started to change from the inside out. After making my Chain of Prayers, I am free from the life of crime, the alcohol and the suicidal thoughts. I even received a great promotion in my job in the 6 months that I have been attending the church – one that I have been waiting for 23 years! I’m being taught how to use my faith to see the power of God in my life. Today I am happy, not because of the blessings, but because I found God!



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