My daughter was healed of Leukemia



I had 4 healthy children. But bruises started appearing on my daughter’s body. I took her to the emergency room because I thought it was strange. To my surprise, all the doctors were looking at each other trying to figure out what was happening to her. They said they wanted to keep her to run additional blood tests.

The next day, a doctor came to me and said, “I don’t have good news to tell you, your child has leukemia”. I asked God to give me strength because only He could help me go through this hard time. She was given chemotherapy and began to feel very bad. She had to stay at the hospital weeks at a time.

Doctors said there was an infection risk and she couldn’t be in crowded places, she had to stay at home. Her hair fell out, sores broke out on her mouth, and all the way down her throat.
Doctors promised to do all they could but they also asked, “Do you have faith in God?” I said, “I have faith. I know that God will heal her.”

I took part of the campaign of Israel after hearing the testimonies. I said to myself, my daughter will not be the exception, she has to be healed because I have that faith. The God of miracles everyone is talking about has to work in my daughter too.

So, I decided to go with all I had. I gave it all. I did not even leave $5 in the bank. I sold everything I had in my house including gold jewellery that belonged to my children. I sold everything, put it in the envelope and I gave it all.

When I sacrificed for my daughter, I did it with a certainty that God would do a miracle. When I went up to the altar, I felt like I was placing my life as well as my daughter’s up there.

When I came back, I had the certainty that the miracle had already happened. Then my daughter was discharged from the hospital, we went for her regular check ups but she wasn’t kept for days or weeks any longer. She started getting better. The answer to my prayers came and her hair quickly grew back.

Chemotherapy destroys the life of a child with this disease but she was always strong in faith, she would ask me, “Mommy pray for me”, “Anoint me with oil”. She gave me strength. We fought together. Thank God she’s healthy today. The doctors said her blood is clean that the cancer is no longer there. I have the victory in my hands.


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