Maybe this can help other girls…

Good morning Mrs. Cris!

I really need you to know how much you have helped me.
I converted about one year ago and now I am a candidate to be an assistant.
I was in a relationship with this guy for a year and a half, and I always put him in first place in my life. I considered all women to be a threat. At the age of 21, I felt inferior to every other woman. And to make things worse, he would make me jealous whenever we went out. He would look at other women and he would comment on how beautiful the women on TV were.

All this made me feel even worse. Until one of his friends introduced him to a girl. He started talking to her every day and I even saw them exchanging text messages. However, I accept this humiliation, thinking it was something temporary and that he would soon be all mine again. This situation made me feel very bad, we fought a lot and he made me feel guilty by saying that all I did was complain.
Until the day he said that he wanted to take a break from our relationship, I humbled myself and asked him to come back, but he refused. I blocked him from my Facebook because I was afraid I’d see something I wouldn’t like. One month into our “break”, I went on his page and he was in a serious relationship with her. All of his friends and family were congratulating them and they were saying how much they were in love.
And what about me? I fell into depression! I lost about 20 pounds in 2 months, took pills to sleep and cried all day long. His explanation was that they only started dating after we broke up. But this was obviously not true!

One day, I happened to be listening to the Love School program, and something you said caught my attention. Your self-confidence, serenity, peace and self-esteem made me want to be like you. I searched for more of your videos and biography, I started reading the book Better than a New Pair of Shoes, and I cried a lot because it told my story. I looked for a Universal Church, stopped self-medicating within one week and prayed for them, so the Lord could remove the hatred that was in me. I did it! I had an encounter with God and was baptized with the Holy Spirit in September. After this happened, he came around asking for a second chance, but I said no, because now I know what I’m worth.

I joined the Godllywood challenge and discovered a lot about myself. Today, every time I see you, I think: I want to be like her when I grow up. You became a reference to me, you taught me how to value myself, how to dress, how to take care of myself and how to be a virtuous woman. And, indirectly, you introduced me to my Universal mother. Thank you for being a woman of God. I had the pleasure of taking a picture with you during the relaunch of your book in Sao Paulo, and I wanted to hug you so much, lol. I really love you. God bless you.

Daiane Rocha

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