Look how marvelous!

The glory of God in the Temple is very strong.

A few months ago I had an excruciating headache. I prayed and participated in the Chain of Deliverance. One morning, I revolted against that pain and took a photo of the Temple of Solomon, which was on a 2013 calendar I received at the Universal Church.

I placed the photo on my head and asked God for the glory that is already over the Temple to come over my head. And the pain disappeared at that very moment, as if my hands had removed it.

Now, imagine what will happen inside the Temple, it will be glorious!

We are in this faith.

Elias Marinho



The Temple is really something grand.

From the first moment the bishop informed us about the construction, during a Sunday morning meeting, I had a conviction in my innermost being about what this construction would represent. I am happy with its completion, and testify that I have always helped.

Every month, whenever there is a purpose, every bazaar, each product with profits sent to the Temple, I participated. My salary – I am registered under the Labor Code – increased; however, my finances have been more than enough… Yes, they’ve multiplied. I’ve paid all my bills, I buy what I need and even more sometimes. I continue to contribute more and more and my checking account is far from being in the red.

We must not forget that this construction is not just about its physical walls, made of stone… They are spiritual walls. This construction’s spiritual significance is greater than its physical grandeur. In the spiritual realm, the construction of the Temple is a landmark in the war we wage on a daily basis. More than ever, we need to correct, purify and prepare ourselves for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

The day is near, very near. It is essential that all those who contributed financially, and are amazed and eager to see the Temple in person, prepare themselves spiritually.

I believe the Spirit of God wants to build bigger and stronger Temples in each one of us. He wants each one of us to be brave, faithful to the fight and win more and more souls for this army, because the final battle is quickly approaching.

Purification, sanctification, an intimate life with God, remain strong and revived in the Spirit: this should all be in our thoughts.

Our actions, more than ever, must be analyzed. We must double our spiritual vigilance.


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