Listen to the Voice of the Spirit

This fast seems to require a greater sacrifice than a usual fast, when we abstain from food. In the Fast of Daniel, the idea is to withdrawal from all secular information.

During 21 days, the person should live as if he were in the desert, away from everything and everyone. This is, his eyes and ears would only be focused on the Thoughts (Word) of God.

Such a sacrifice would force your mind to ONLY LISTEN TO THE VOICE OF THE SPIRIT OF THE MOST HIGH.

Meaning: impose hunger on the soul, and feed the spirit with plenty of heavenly BREAD.

Do you remember the words of the Lord Jesus, when He said: Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD THAT PROCEEDS FROM THE MOUTH of GOD?

That’s right…
The Fast of Daniel is a chance for those whose lives have been sad, empty and without a reason to live.

A single WORD that comes from the Throne of the Most High can transform the life of any person, just like it transformed well water into the best wine in the world.

Try to go a day without any secular information from the TV, internet, newspapers or radio, idle conversations, secular music, sports, movies and anything else that may entertain the soul…

Instead, try to read the Bible more, listen to Christian music or watch biblical movies, such as “The Ten Commandments”.

Immerse your thoughts into the thoughts of God and, rest assured, your life will never be the same!

Try to do the Fast of Daniel for at least one day… If you’re successful, extend it for another day. And then another… You will notice a huge difference in your interior.

You will be able to understand the Voice of the Holy Spirit.

May the Spirit of the Living God be with you, and through you, may He also be with your family!
So be it!

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