LIfe depends on the Altar

The Altar is the only place in the world where marriages are celebrated.

No matter how simple the Altar may be, it is always required to formalize the definitive union of a bride and groom.

This is because the Altar is what seals the union;

Which guarantees the blessing of sanctification, acceptance and an everlasting covenant.

The Lord Jesus teaches us that the Altar is what sanctifies the offering.

A marriage only fails when the surrender of the bride and groom on the Altar, this is, their “offering” was not valid, like Cain’s offering, it was not accepted by God.

But when the bride and groom’s vows are put into practice, the Altar accepts and sanctifies them.

In this case, marriage is until death do them part.

The future of a marriage is sealed on the Altar.

It depends on how much both of them are willing to obey the vows they made on the Altar.

The Spirit of God evaluates whether the offerings (the bride and groom) are going to keep their word or not.

Once this is done, either He accepts the offerings and sanctifies the union, or not.

The same is true in regards to Salvation of the soul.

Many have offered themselves on the Altar with tears of remorse.

The Altar does not accept remorse.

The Altar only accepts an offering (a person) that is truly repentant.

Only then will the Altar be restored and the sacrifice accepted, such as in the case of Abel.

From his example, we can conclude that EVERYTHING IN LIFE DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU OFFER ON THE ALTAR.

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