Just one opportunity makes all the difference

Five years ago, our finances were at its lowest. We were foreigners in a different country, unemployed, illegal and living in someone else’s house. To make things worse, my wife suffered from severe depression. We really had reached our lowest point.

A member of the UCKG invited us to go there, and because we could see no other way out, we accepted the invitation. We had nothing to lose. There, I witnessed people sharing their life transformations and there I found an opportunity to change my life too.

So, we started using our faith, firstly through giving our tithes and offerings, which weren’t much at the time. We saw it as a commitment with God. We saw improvements and kept on going day after day.

At first, we found jobs, but today we have our own business, which provides jobs for other people. We own cars, a house with a swimming pool overseas and a beautiful brand-new apartment in a gated community. We have recently bought some land for our next project.

Our marriage was also positively affected by this commitment to God. We enjoy each other’s company, and there is peace in our relationship.

By giving God an opportunity to change our lives, we have reaped the benefits of our faithfulness. Our lives have completely turned around and we couldn’t be happier.

Lucimar Belo & Viviane Fernandes





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