Jerusalem and the Universal Church


Also called the Holy City, which means founded in peace.

It is one of the oldest cities in the world, yet it has never been abandoned.

It has been overtaken, invaded, destroyed and rebuilt several times, but it always remained inhabited.

A city of strong walls, closed doors, ruins, conflicts, injustices and tears.

Populated by believers and nonbelievers, divided by beliefs and ideals. Pressed by its enemies. Guarded by soldiers and weapons, yet it is still the Holy City.

Prominent among the hillside of Judea sits Mounts Zion, Olivet, Moriah and Scopus on its highest plateau.

It is cut by valleys, declines, elevations and narrow streets that witnessed great feats, even a heavy cross upon innocent Shoulders.

Its atmosphere is sacred. Its wind does not carry pollution, but blows impregnated by prayers and requests from those that are near and far.

Its ground is rocky, but fertile for the blessed olive trees.

It’s a city of gardens, silence and agony from the One who looked at the cup and saw all the sins of the world. The One who had never committed a single sin wept among the plants of Jerusalem, the tears of being separated from His Father.

The Holy City saw death, but witnessed the resurrection and ascension of the glorified Lord Jesus. It was alive at the beginning of Pentecost, where 120 were sealed to become the primitive Church, the mother of Christianity

The city has stones, and stones that cry out until today to scholars, to prove that prophets, kings and the King of kings have passed through there. No one can ever deny its history!

The ancient capital of the Jebusites was chosen for eternity. Its doors are opened to pilgrims from all around the world, but one day it will be the exclusive capitol of the elect of the Blessed God.

Because it is so beloved, we will have a purified New Jerusalem, without wickedness. Living waters descend from the throne of the Most High and bathe its streets of gold, which are protected by pearly gates. It’s a place of protection, complete blessings, rejoice and praises.


Those who fight for their salvation, visualize this reward every day.


The Holy City of the Temple, with its golden aura, shares its glory with the Universal Church. When someone is not able to make it to Jerusalem, its stones will come to them.


Today, we can also marvel, since part of the beloved city is present here in Sao Paulo – Brazil, in the old neighborhood of Bras: The Temple of Solomon.

Thousands will come from all over the world and One God will be worshiped there. And we were chosen to raise up His dwelling. He Himself chose this place to put His Name there. We are privileged to be the generation that built the House of our God.

The Holy Spirit is with us and has guided every detail of this construction, which will soon come to an end.

Are you prepared for the big day?

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