It was impossible for me to change…

At the age of 6 I was sexually abused by a family member. Because of the pain this caused me, I began having intimate relationships with men when I was just a teen and seeking help in spirits. During two years, I especially prepared myself to receive an evil spirit. Soon thereafter, I began the ritual of shaving my head, which continued for three more years.

During this time in my life, I also contracted illnesses, but the doctors were not able to find out what caused them. However, a disease called lymphatic tuberculosis almost killed me. About this time I also lost my boyfriend, who I had been in a relationship with for about two years, in a tragic murder that took place inside his car. He and his sister were returning from a show that had been promoted by a nightclub.

I witnessed many tragedies throughout this journey of pain, however, I was still dominated by evil. The truth is that I had a great void inside and I tried to fill it on a daily basis with parties, drinking, drugs, among other things. There was even a situation where I was sworn to death for being gay and for being the president of the LGBT parade of Caxias in Rio de Janeiro. So I decided to start carrying a weapon with me at all times, because I was scared.

Stuck in that lifestyle, but really wanting a change, in 2011 I went to the Universal Church. Even though I was apart from God and was not a member of the Church, I always listened to Bishop Macedo’s messages on the radio. One day, when the message finished, a pastor came on the radio and said that my life would change. He invited everyone to participate of a meeting that would take place at 3pm in the Universal Church in Del Castilho.

I went, and that’s where I met people who believed in me and helped me. I began attending meetings every day and soon, I noticed a change in my life.

Today, at the age of 28, my life is completely transformed. I am delivered from the evil spirits, homosexuality, addictions, promiscuity, illnesses, sorrow and everything else that made me suffer.


Take a look at me now…


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