“It seems impossible for me to change my life”…

Ido not hope to gain popularity by posting this. On the contrary, when I make statements like the one I am about to make, I have a tendency to drive certain people away from me. This is a calculated risk, which is more than worth it for me to take, considering the gravity of the situation. This is very serious, and very important to me. I had an experience that has changed my life, and I can’t in good consciousness, keep it to myself, although I would prefer to.

I have been made aware that there are such things as evil spirits, curses, fallen angels, or demons if you prefer, and I was like an object for them to control. Prior to this I had no religious ideologies and considered myself to be between agnostic and atheist.

All my life, I have been haunted by things that I did not understand. Bad luck, incurable diseases, addictions, nightmares, thoughts of suicide, criminal behavior, I thought were just a part of my character – a result of unfortunate circumstances.

I was at an all time low when I had just lost a friend to suicide, I was in my 30s and jobless, and suicide became a very real idea to me, a nagging urge that bothered me continuously. I was brought into a church, and prayed for by people I did not know, to a God, I did not believe in. It was then revealed to me, through various experiences. That indeed spirits existed. Before I had considered such notions, to be the fascinations of children, like unicorns or fairies. This was not that.

For a period of several months, I became very ill. I woke up in the mornings throwing up violently. I had fevers with temperature ranges either three degrees too hot or too cold. Stranger still, I had what I like to call body animations, my body would twist and contort, not of my will, rather involuntarily, as a puppet would. I had very violent thoughts, urges to hurt people. I had nightmares both when I was asleep and in my waking states. I became paranoid. I thought I was dying, sometimes I thought I had been poisoned, other times I thought I had been drugged, still other times I came to the conclusion that I had a rare disease or a brain tumor or was bit by a poisonous spider. The doctors couldn’t tell me what was wrong with me, their explanations ranged from depression, to walking pneumonia, to the use of substances in my childhood, none of these explanations in any way matched up with the experiences I was having.

I went through this for a period of several months. Men at the church would pray for me and I would react violently, growling and sometimes hitting them, spitting and cursing, and making sounds that were foreign to me. Through fasting and prayers, the spirits began to leave me. The only thing they responded to was the name of Jesus Christ. This was difficult to understand, because I still didn’t know what to make of it. I thought that churches were phony, a scam, to get money from the sick and elderly, or a trick to control the masses. This is how I came to believe not only in the existence of God, but that God was Jesus Christ.Demons are not some kind of euphemism for dark things we all face, they are literal created beings who hate you. Furthermore God will exist whether you choose to believe in Him or not. And its not subjective – its not all roads lead to Rome, any faith will do, all you have to do is be a good person, forces of dark vs. light, (as in Star Wars) – although these are all popular ideas. The truth is and always will be, that there is only one God.  Life is a test to see where our souls will spend eternity, and we will all stand in judgment before Him (the God who created all things), the Muslim the Jew the Atheist the Buddhist the agnostic the Hindu and the Christian alike. But only those who truly believe in Christ, and live accordingly, will be spared, and many people claiming to be Christians will not.It’s not something I’m guessing at. God reveals his power to me through signs and wonders, and His word. At the risk of losing you as a friend, I tell you these things. I would rather you hate me in life, and tell you the truth, then keep the truth hidden from you, then look to me on the day of judgment in disbelief that I kept this hidden from you.The good news is Jesus died for our sins, and all who accept it, are forgiven and have the right to be sons and daughters of the Living God, and have eternal life in a paradise beyond imagination.I’m begging all of you – you owe it to yourself and your children to find out if these things are true for yourself. I know that they are. Am I lying? Please, please, please, I’m begging you repent of your sins, ask God for forgiveness and pray to accept Jesus Christ into your heart. Even if you’re skeptical, even if you don’t believe me, do it anyway. It will be the greatest thing you can ever hope to do. If one person, receives this message in my lifetime, it will be worth the lifetime I spend telling it. If you want to I can talk with you, or pray for you. I love you guys.

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