It seemed impossible for me to change…

My childhood seemed to be like everyone else’s, but after the age of 10 something began to make me stand out. At home, my body and my behavior began to resemble my sister, which caused my brothers to treat me different. Soon, the same happened among my friends, to the point where I was confused with a girl in school. As time went on, I got used to the idea that this made me feel good. It was as though I had discovered my true identity.

At the age of 15 I decided to be open about being gay, causing revolt from some family members and praise from others who understood my choice. I always made it very clear: “I was born like this and I’m going to die like this.” I thought this was the best choice for me and I learned how to adapt to the situation. With time, I became more involved with this lifestyle and started making plans and creating dreams. I even dated, had one-night stands and long-term relationships with married men. It was incredible how they wanted me more than their own wives. They were tired of the same routine and considered me an adventure because they wanted “something different“.

During the carnival, we would rent a beach house to enjoy ourselves the best possible way. Everything happened there: drugs, drinking, orgies; everything I thought was the best for me. However, this whole illusion was taking its toll. I tried to fool myself, but I couldn’t. Though I was living this fantasy, I was depressed, unhappy, disgusted with myself and wanted to commit suicide. I would smile for a moment, but then I would cry for the rest of the day. I was humiliated, rejected by family and friends, felt alone and always empty.

I was searching for a happiness that didn’t seem to exist, until my mom asked an assistant to pay me a visit. After much insisting, I decided to go to the Church with my ex-boyfriend, who I lived with for almost 2 years. Over time my eyes were opened and I put an end to that relationship, and truly assumed a relationship with the Lord Jesus. Through the chains of prayer at the Universal Church, I was delivered and began seeking an encounter with God day after day. The funny thing is that I was more criticized for attending Church than because my past.

Today I am a man – a man of God. I am a successful businessman in my city and as an assistant I dedicate most of my life to helping those in need.

Take a look at me now…


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