It is impossible to get out of the drug world

At the age of 13, I was kicked out of my grandmother’s house and moved in with my mother, who lived in a community. I began interacting with drug dealers. Over time, I started to think this was a good thing, because of what they showed me. However, I was still a normal child. I went to school and worked, because I didn’t want to follow in my father’s footsteps. But, as the days passed, I couldn’t resist and joined them. I learned about things I wasn’t supposed to know. I started doing what they did, like run away from the police, hold a gun and spend the night at the drug den. At the age of 15, I decided to “sign”, which means to become a member. My eyes were open to the reality of it all.

I thought about getting out, but the money, women, parties and clothes held me back. I was involved in a rival gang war, so they kicked me out of the community. I was being sought by the police, slept on people’s terraces and smoked marijuana so I wouldn’t sleep because I was scared of being caught by the police or a rival gang. One day, I was at a community smoking marijuana and a guy named Fabrizio, from the Sao Goncalo youth group, invited me to attend a vigil with Bishop Marcello Brayner. At that moment, he made me understand that I was destroying my life, and I was overcome with regret. I decided to give my life to God. It was an unforgettable day!

From that day forth, my mind changed. I decided to surrender to justice and pay everything I owed. Even on the inside, I felt like a new person; I felt light, free. While in jail, a place where I ran from for so long, my life began. I went back to school, took some valuable courses. Though I was incarcerated, I felt free, to the point of not wanting to leave, because I asked God for a chance and now, I was getting one. I received a seven-month sentence, but was released in just four months.

My son was born after I left jail, I started working and my focus is: the Lord Jesus!

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