In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth

In the beginning, when you came to Church, what did you want to create first?

We would not be surprise if your answer is the Earth, because all the invitations on TV, radio and even one-to-one evangelization are aimed to attract those who want to solve the problems their encountering with their health, family, finances, etc. And if we observe the ministry of the Lord Jesus, we will see that the majority of people who came to Him were attracted by the miracles. Many, after receiving a miracle, quickly went on their way, they didn’t remain with Him, nor did they come back to hear that we should seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first, because everything else will be added (Earth).

We can see that God’s beginning was to create the Heavens and then the Earth. This should also be the beginning for our lives. The Kingdom of Heaven is the seal of God, it is what will ensure that we are winners in everything. It’s pointless for someone to solve a few family problems, or health issues and become richer than Bill gates, if he is not born of God, because other problems will steal his peace and his life will continue empty. He who is born of God overcomes.

Imagine if God had only created the Earth? It would be complete chaos! This is how many people’s lives are: true chaos. The person fights and does everything he can, achieving a few things in the process. However, his life, his inner self is a complete desert, a huge void. This is because he is only focused on Earth, and Heaven has not yet been established in him.

This is why many kill themselves. And we are not saying this only happens in places where people live in poverty. According to recent studies, one of the highest suicide rates in the world is in Sweden, where the household income is very high and everyone has their own house, car… Recently some of the prisons were closed down because there was a lack of prisoners.

The problem is the lack of what is most important, which is Heaven. People live as if only the Earth exists. And what is this Heaven? Jesus called all who were thirsty to receive the Holy Spirit, so that rivers of living water may flow from their heart. Even if you are in Church, have a happy family, good health and become a millionaire, it’s impossible for you to have peace and be truly happy, until Heaven is created in you.

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