I’ll never be the same after visiting the Temple of Solomon

Good morning, Bishop!

I would like to share the personal experience I had during my visit to the Temple of Solomon on July 31, 2014.

I was part of a delegation of the Republic of Botswana. Before leaving, I was continuously praying that you spoke specifically to me and gave me 100% assurance that I should not worry or give up. My main concern was my husband, who is addicted to drugs. He is addicted to alcohol and marijuana, and it’s a challenge to live with an addict, since he ignores his responsibilities to his family and spends all his money fulfilling his cravings for drugs.

While waiting for the Temple doors to open, I continued to remind God to have mercy on me. I was tired of the toll the drugs were having on my family. I needed guidance in what I had to do for myself and my children, how to handle the whole situation, and above all, how to help my husband. I kept telling God to answer every prayer made in His Temple.

The doors opened and the Levites instructed us to sit where there were headphones, so we could have access to the translation of the meeting in english. Bishop, God spoke to me exactly like I asked Him to.

The first bishop spoke about “the spirit of addiction” which has no cure, although there are treatments in terms of science and medicine, but only God can heal an addict. He shared that he was once a drug addict, not only of prescription medicine, but also various drugs. I immediately realized that I was worried about something that science, medicine and researchers could not find a solution, and the only One who could help me was JESUS CHRIST!!!

I prayed for repentance, asking for forgiveness, because I needed to stop worrying about something that went beyond my conditions, and surrendered myself completely to the Lord. I also realized the reason why I was worried: I was placing my problem in the Lord’s hands and then taking it back.

Why can’t I just give it to God, leave the problem entirely with Him and continue in my faith? I also said to God: I am surrendering my husband to the same Spirit this bishop surrendered himself to, and I will never re-visit this problem again, since it is no longer mine.

Bishop, as if this were not enough, when you came to the Altar and asked all the pastors who were once addicts to stand up, I looked and said: My God, my Lord, thank you! My husband is all Yours, and the hope I had lost was immediately restored, because in truth, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, therefore my husband will also give his testimony in the UCKG of how he used drugs and then stop using them. I am convinced this will still happen in 2014.

Thank you Bishop, for spreading the UCKG throughout the world, and when your time comes, believe me, I will not cry or be sad; instead, I’ll celebrate a life well lived as a chosen man of God to revive people’s faith through sacrifice, in the 21st century. Faith in action will continue forever and I’m very happy to be part of this faith and of being chosen by God to stop suffering and share this message with others who are suffering.

I returned home full of joy, energy and a strong desire to serve more than I was before, to share, to talk about the Lord whenever I have the chance…. I am no longer worried. I am 100% sure of what I asked for.

God bless you, Bishop!

Daisy Peloewetse – Botswana

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