Ignorance of faith

Dear Bishop Macedo,

Your words were exactly what I needed to hear. Since the first day I began to attend meetings at the Universal Church, I noticed that the devil became angry and started to work in my life. The worst part is that he managed to destroy my understanding and pour into me the ignorance of faith, which caused me to go to many other denominations.

I did not turn away from God, but I went to other denominations; however, I could not see satan’s fury towards me while I was attending any of them. Without knowing any better, I thought everything was fine, which actually meant the complete opposite. Then, whenever I went back to the Universal Church, the devil would come with his attacks. Often, these attacks weren’t directly aimed at me, but he would create a barrier in my paths.

Only after seeing my dreams pass me by and nothing happening was that the penny dropped. The devil does not care at all about the other denominations because they do not bother him in the slightest bit. He does not care if people attend these churches. This way, the person will believe all is well and think, “Ah! Now I am safe and protected, this is the right place for me.”

This idea is completely false and a big mistake. At the other denominations, the breeze touched my face and I imagined having peace, but the truth is that satan was only letting some time go by because my dreams were already dead anyways.

The truth is that the devil couldn’t accept the fact that I had returned to the Universal Church. This time, I was able to understand how much this Church bothers him, because he doesn’t have a chance in the Temples of the Universal Church, he is successfully expelled and the Christians that congregate there learn to fight the demons that try to prevent their dreams.

As I set foot in the Universal Church, the number one enemy of God rose against me again, furious; however, I know what he hates: the Church of Christ.

Anomalous, or abnormal, is the hatred that many harbor against the Universal Church. This is the devil’s work in these people, which deceives them and turns them away from a place where the teachings of the Word strengthens and teaches how to the fight against evil in order to bring deliverance and Salvation.

I fell into Satan’s trap and was ignorant of my faith. The devil hates those who sacrifice themselves entirely and faithfully to God. Therefore, he goes against those who are in the Universal Church, because he knows that the person will obtain Salvation and be baptized with the Holy Spirit (he will be advised to this), he will also see his dreams being realized by using a faith this is rational, intelligent, true and unwavering.

This is the faith the Universal Church teaches us to use, which is a faith that works in every aspect of our life, spiritual and material. This faith puts an end to the miserable life many believers are living, though they have faith in God and are members of other denominations.

This is the truth I have to share and add how to achieve a dream by faith. May these words serve as a testimony!

God bless the Universal Church forever, and all of us as well.

Marcos Antonio Daher

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