I was tired of being me…

Hello, dear Bishop Macedo!

It is with great pleasure that I am sharing with you part of my story, before I went to the Temple of Solomon.

My name is Tereza, I live in Realeza (PR – Brazil) and I have been evangelical for the past 40 years of my life. I grew up in an evangelical denomination that was very traditional and filled with doctrines. However, during 40 years of my life I was being deceived, because I thought that to be saved my hair needed to be kept long and I could only wear skirts, among other absurd things that I was led to believe were from God.

I was a very sad person, and lately everything seemed to be going wrong in my life. One day, I was at home when two people who were evangelizing approached me. They handed me a newspaper and invited me to go to the Universal Church.

At first I was reluctant and said no, because I already had a church. What ignorance, right? But the kindness and friendliness of that woman and man, which I later came to find out were the pastor and his wife, made me change my mind right there and then. I felt like these people speaking to me were really of God, so I accepted their invitation to go to Church. Since that day, I have never stopped going, though I was still at my other church because I was a deaconess. However, I soon realized that I no longer belonged there because everything was going wrong in my life and when I began attending the chains of prayer at the UCKG, things changed for the better and happiness was rekindled in my heart.

But everything changed when I went to the Temple of Solomon. When I walked in I felt a lot of peace and joy, tears ran down my face and when you began the meeting, I knew that I would never turn away from this Church. When I left, I truly left my old heart and the doctrines I followed behind as well. I’ve only been in the UCKG for three months, but I’ll never turn away from this faith because I have witnessed the power of God acting upon this ministry in a big way, therefore I will remain here for the rest of my life.

A big hug, bishop!

God bless you and the pastors of the Universal Church.


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