I wanted to be powerful

I had complexes and felt rejected.

At the age of 13,  I began smoking cigarettes, drinking and going to “parties”, where I would drink until I blacked out, not remembering how I got home. I had severe depression, took black box sleeping pills and still could not sleep. I had panic attacks, insomnia, body aches, stomach pain, heard voices and saw shadows. Besides that, I had bulimia and anorexia, and worked out for 4 hours a day, because all I cared about was my body, my appearance. I wanted to be “powerful” and be the center of attention; I dressed provocatively with low necklines and short clothes. I was unhappy.

Inside, I was empty, felt anxious, had several failed relationships and was involved with many men; I felt used. I was sad, felt inferior to everyone else and that’s why the thought of committing suicide crossed my mind several times; I thought I was worthless. I loved the nightlife. My pleasure was in experiencing everything the world had to offer, not to mention that I lied too, was insecure and was drawn to anything related to spiritualism. I would often get my cards read. Besides all this, there were the drugs: I smoked marijuana, used cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs; I reached a point where I began selling drugs to support my addiction.

It felt good to inflict pain on my body. At the age of 14, I started getting tattoos; I have a total of nine tattoos. Body piercings were also an option because they allowed me to feel pain as well. When I was nervous, I would hit myself because the pain felt good.

My life was a living hell and my marriage was completely destroyed, but in November 2010, the story of my life began to change. I found the Universal Church and was introduced to the Youth Group coordinator here in Switzerland, who helped me during the process of my deliverance. He believed in me and did not stop helping me at any moment. Four months later, I received the Holy Spirit and my interior was completely transformed.

depois1I no longer have any addictions, I’m delivered from all the inferiority complexes, grief, sadness and suicidal thoughts. I was delivered from everything and my marriage was also restored.

Today, I love and am loved; Salvation is my most valuable asset because it’s the presence of God in my life! Today I am happy and fulfilled.

Elisangela – Youth Group – Switzerland

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