I hated Bishop Macedo even though I did not know him

Good morning, Bishop Macedo!

My name is Claudete Sebben and I live in Maryland, United States since 1986, but it was only in 2001 that my life began to change, or rather, it was when I began to live.

When I lived in Brazil, I was against the Universal Church and I hated you, to the point of taking my mother out of the Church. Until one day, my suffering and despair became unbearable, but this happened here in the United States. I had a debt of more than five hundred thousand dollars. I had to share an apartment with several people, because I couldn’t afford my own apartment. I was in total misery.

On a Monday, I finally gave in and walked into the Universal Church in the city of Washington. I was upset, but I went in. And to this day, I have continued doing my chain of prayer for prosperity!

When I arrived at the Universal Church, I was cleaning houses, painting walls, waitressing, and I even worked at a beauty salon; as you can see, I did not hold down any job. My life was undefined and yet, I HATED THE UNIVERSAL CHURCH AND YOU, BISHOP MACEDO, EVEN THOUGH I DID NOT KNOW YOU.

Today, I love this Work and the Universal Church family, this family that you and I are a part of!

Despite the economic downfall in the US, our company MK Catering, is doing well and that doesn’t sit well with many of our competitors, which have been around for more than twenty years. Lately, we’ve served famous people like the wife of former President Clinton and actor Michael Douglas.

Besides all this, I have conquered an import and export company. I have an apartment, my dream home and, above all, my communion with God. All this, bishop, is the result of my FAITH.

I’m sure that if I had not come to the Universal Church and listened and learned from the pastors and bishops how to put my faith in action and how to fight against evil forces, I would not be the Claudete that I am today.

Bishop, on February 9, I will be at the launch of your biography, “Nothing to Lose” in New York. I had a debt of five hundred thousand dollars, so I’ll be buying five hundred books to give to friends, employees and even the authorities of this country.

Bishop, thank God for your existence and for the Universal Church family.

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