I found the hidden treasure

For a long time I looked for happiness in many places, people, activities, religion (Catholic, back then), but I was still empty, sad.

Several nights and early mornings I questioned God: “Why am I not happy?”
Inside, I cried out: “My God, one day I am going to be happy!”

Because I liked to study, I was always “well informed”. However, I had a hard time understanding the Word of God and asking questions; after all, I thought I was self-sufficient and knew enough not to have to ask other people questions.

Later, when I came to the Universal Church, needless to say, I was captive, thirsty and in the bottom of the pit, like most people, I heard about the Holy Spirit and an interest awoke in me to know Him. From that moment on, I began to seek Him as a priority in my life, until I found Him!

At that moment I realized my greatest dream: I had an encounter with Happiness, a real encounter with God! I found out what it’s like to have Peace, I experienced the best and true joy: being Born of God!

I actually understood what the psalmist felt when he wrote Psalm 126. Yes, my mouth was filled with laughter and songs, and I wanted to tell everyone about the great wonder God had done for me!

My Lord Jesus fulfilled my greatest dream: To be Happy! The Treasure I found is priceless. I praise God for the Universal Church.

And this is how many people find themselves at the moment, captives of themselves, seeking happiness, looking for this “treasure”, trying to find it down various paths like professions, building a family, investing in aesthetics, using drugs; this is, in various directions, like one day I was also looking, dreaming, just wanting to be happy! And they end up like this, frustrated, for trying to use money to buy something that is priceless…

The only price to pay for this hidden Treasure is to die for this world, so that you can then be born of God.

Paula – Maceio (Brazil)

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