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After watching your interview on SBT, it is impossible to remain silent in the face of such a revelation. Through your sincere answers, everyone realized the magnificent work of the Holy Spirit in the Universal Church. The work of God is undeniable in the lives of those whose aim has always been to win souls, if not for your faith, where would we be today?

During the Universal Church’s 37 years of existence, how many souls have been ripped out of the devil’s claws?
How many people are no longer a threat to society and have been reintegrated with a completely disciplined character? What evil has the Universal Church done?

We can say that if it were not for this work of faith, this world would be irretrievably lost. In other words, the Universal Church is, in fact, the last door this world has to knock on.

We see this through the testimonies of people who were submerged in a life of crime, hostage to addictions and religions, and after so many suicide attempts, found the true meaning of life. People who once had no prospect of anything, after knocking on many doors, and the worst: without answers, the only door that was open and had someone to listen, help and raise up was the Universal Church.

Over the years, many tears were shed, and why not say they were tears of blood? Much pain was endured, pains of childbirth that delivered millions of saved souls throughout the world. Pains that made it possible to enlighten the darkness of people that existed, but did not live. And this hard and tireless work brought life and will continue bearing children to form a Holy Nation, whose King is Eternal. This is why the only name that stands out in every Universal Church is JESUS ​​CHRIST IS THE LORD!

One thing is certain, the more our enemies multiply, the more we grow. As you said yourself: the Owner of this Work, it’s Director, is undoubtedly the Holy Spirit and He uses whoever He wants, however He wants and whenever He wants.

Though we may be persecuted, we press forward. Though they may try to block us, our forces multiply. Though the world may be against us, He fights for us. We will continue to the end, we will fight the good fight and guard our faith simply because we do not have NOTHING TO LOSE AND WE ARE UNIVERSAL!

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