The survivors of the Andes plane crash did not want or like to eat human flesh, but they were hungry and when a person is hungry, there are no limits: he will pay whatever he needs to pay and do whatever he needs to do. Sixteen of the 45 passengers aboard the plane that crashed into the Andes in the 70s only survived because they ate human flesh.

The Lord Jesus said:

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5.6

A characteristic of a person who hungers and thirsts for righteousness is obedience to the voice of God, no matter what needs to be done: if you feel like it or not; decisions have to be made; if you have to leave someone behind; what you are going to lose; who is not going to like it; etc. When you are hungry, you don’t waste time with the opinions of others because hunger is something individual. In other words, no one can eat for me and I can’t eat for someone else.

There are two people in the Bible that can show us the difference between hunger and religiosity:
Despite having money and keeping the commandments, the rich young man knew he was lacking something, because nothing fulfilled him. The Lord Jesus knew exactly what his problem was, so He told him to sacrifice, but, because he was not hungry, he went away feeling sad; he didn’t have the strength to obey. The religious know what they have to do, but they lack hunger, so they’re overcome by feelings, emotions and excuses.

Zacchaeus was not liked by the people. He was a tax collector, who was short in stature and he was a thief, but hunger moved him to climb a tree and then come down quickly when the Lord Jesus called him. When there is hunger, there is no delay; hunger does not wait and does not accept excuses. He did not need the Lord Jesus to show or tell him anything; Zacchaeus knew what he had to do and he did it. He decided to repair his life with God, he didn’t wait for the crowd to leave, he didn’t need time to think things over, he didn’t talk about it first with his family! He was hungry and it all happened very fast, because the Lord Jesus said, “Today salvation has come to this house”. He ate like never before.

When a person is religious, he does not have the strength to obey and live in the discipline of the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though his intentions are good, his only guarantee is that there is always something missing and there are always people around to blame.
When a person hungers and thirsts for righteousness (God), he has the strength to take action, make decisions, walk on his own two legs and walk away from what is wrong, like sin, things and people that prevent him from being filled, from being a source of life through the baptism with the Holy Spirit.

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