How the Jewish see Tithes

Bishop, I would like to share with you something interesting that happened here. A woman who attends the Church, but was unfaithful to God with her tithes, has a client that is Jewish.

After finding out that he is very wealthy, she asked him if he believed and gave his tithes. His answer was a real awakening. He said that giving 10% is very little because, according to him, giving only what is written is like fulfilling a religious duty. He does not give 10%, but rather he gives 30%! He also said that often, without planning, he takes EVERYTHING he earns and puts it on the Altar.

She asked him what happens when he gives everything? And his answer was: Do you think I have less or that I am in need? Not at all! The God of Abraham multiplies much more.

Then she asked him if he had heard about the Temple of Solomon and he said that he has Jewish friends who live in Sao Paulo and have been to the Temple. They’ve assured him that the God of Israel is there because they had an extraordinary experience there.

The Jewish man also said that he will visit the Temple and is already preparing a very special offering to offer at the Temple. He said the following: I am preparing a beautiful gift for my God!

This is very strong, bishop! They are aware of the Altar, which is where life changes, victories are conquered and everything is transformed. The word impossible does not exist on the Altar. Everything is possible on the Altar!

We pray that everyone receives this understanding and are richly blessed.

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