How much are you willing to pay?

We know that the higher the price of a product, the higher the quality. The guarantee, durability, utility and exclusivity are also embedded in the price. If the cost of something is low, we immediately suspect and rethink if it’s actually worth buying. Sometimes, we might take one of these things home, but we already know that it will soon need to be replaced.

Everything in life has a price – not only material goods but also personal achievements. The amount you are willing to pay will determine the quality of what you receive.

How much would you pay for a stable marriage? For a successful career? To be healthy? Have inner peace?

Some are willing to sacrifice the desires of the flesh, look for the right person and follow God’s commands, while others prefer to do whatever they feel like doing, give themselves to the first person that appears interested and follow their own hearts.
Very few invest in themselves, study and work hard. Most prefer to deceive their boss, accept bribes and walk all over others.

Some follow an exercise routine and a balanced diet. But most people are too lazy to exercise and aren’t willing to give up the pleasure of eating high-calorie foods.

Among us, we see people who follow the Word of God faithfully, and those who follow the Lord their own way.

This is why some marriages last a lifetime and others fail, some businessmen are on the covers of magazines and others are behind bars, some people are healthy and others are sick, some are winners by faith and others are religious people that are bitterly suffering. The difference between one and the other is the price each person was willing to pay to reach their goal.

In this world, it is easier to use lies to win than it is to tell the truth, since the first brings immediate results, and the second requires much more time and energy. But don’t forget: the level of difficulty of the battle is proportional to the quality of what you will achieve. Just like it happened, it will also disappear.

How much are you willing to pay: the high price of telling the truth or the low price of lying? You decide. And afterwards, you don’t have the right to complain about what you brought home.

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