Holy Place

Good morning Bishop!

I was at the Temple of Solomon on the last day of the caravans, with the caravan from Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.

Bishop, I can now say: ‘OH, WHAT A DAY!’ I will cherish this day for the rest of my life, because I don’t think that even the most educated and intelligent man in the world can explain this experience.

When we got to the Bras neighborhood, in São Paulo, I quickly saw that marvelous structure and couldn’t stop looking its magnitude. An enormous smile was plastered on my face, not only due to the beauty of the Temple, but because I could feel the presence of God upon me, even as I stood outside. When I took the first step onto the Temple terrace, I felt a breeze and a conviction that the Holy Spirit was blowing His peace in me. When I finally entered the Temple and observed every detail, that’s when I was even more astounded. There, in that holy place, in spirit of prayer, looking at the Ark of the Covenant, reading the verses that scrolled on the screen, observing every detail and fighting against being overcome by sleep, I realized just how wonderful is our God.

When you finally began the meeting, the only thing I was able to do, other than worship God, was thank Him for giving me the great honor of being there. It was inexplicable! Every detail, every conviction I had in me, the Word, the prayers, the faith were things that, for me, marked this special day. Again, I can say: “OH, WHAT A DAY”!

This is just a small part of the experiences I had, because if I were to tell you about everything, I wouldn’t finish today.

I thank God for this opportunity and for having given you this magnificent idea, because I am certain that I left there completely different.

Thank you my Lord Jesus, and thank you Bishop!

John Victor Chultte

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