Hindering the Work of God

God did not choose us in vain. He separated each one of us with the purpose of advancing His Work. All His servants have a mission to grow the Work of God every day, as quickly and effectively as possible.

But problems arise when the Almighty’s own children hinder the development of His Work. Unfortunately, we do this often without even realizing it.

You hinder the Work of God when:

You do not invest in your talents. God has given you talents for you to use them in favor of His Work. To have a talent and not use it is the same as having legs and not walking. You get around by crawling when you could be running to cooperate with the purposes of God. When you stop investing in your talents, you stop investing in His Work.

– You do not do what God asked you to do. Many times, this happens because you don’t feel capable of accomplishing the mission. But God would never ask you for something you could not do. If the Holy Spirit moved you to take action or make a certain decision, go ahead, without fear. You do not need to have conditions – nobody does – you just need to depend on God.

– You are overcome by your shyness and inhibitions. The great heroes of faith had to overcome both of these things to move the Work of God forward. And everyone who wants to cooperate with this Work should demonstrate the same boldness. It’s a matter of decision: either you face your weaknesses or continue to live with them, either you become a catalyst for the Work of God or you become a hurdle.

– You wait for God to do what only you can do. God works in partnership with us. There are things that only God, who is spirit, can do, and there are also things that only we, who live in a physical body, can do. The Work moves forward when both partners fulfill their roles. If something remains stagnant, then, most likely, you are not doing your part – because God never fails to do His.

– You do the right thing for the wrong reason. Why do you want to achieve a certain blessing? For your own benefit or for the benefit of the Work of God? Your right, which is to seek the fulfillment of the Promises of God, becomes a wrong when this is done with your personal interest in mind. When God blesses us, He has the growth of His Work in mind. We must have the same vision.

– You care more about your needs than the needs of the Work of God. When you do this, you are putting yourself above God, and considering what is worldly more important than what is eternal. When we fulfill the needs of the Work of God, He will fulfill our needs. But when we are only focused on fulfilling our needs, what happens to the needs of the Work of God

When you have the Holy Spirit, not only are you part of the Work of God, but you are the Work of God. Your advances are the advances of the Kingdom of God, but your setbacks are also setbacks to the Kingdom of God.

Do not accept to hinder the Work of the Almighty!!!

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