He who sings drives away sorrow. Is this true

For some time now, we’ve heard scientists say that music has a great power.

Based on this information, mothers nestle their babies, still in the womb, to the sound of classical music; gyms encourage members to workout to the rhythm of the music; bars and nightclubs learned that the more music, the more people will stay and drink; artists learned that the more they appeal to the emotions of their fans, the more success they will achieve; and there are endless examples of how music is used to attract and manipulate people.

Man has known music for a very long time, because instruments were played in battles, celebrations, ceremonies and feasts.

After crossing the Red Sea and defeating Pharaoh’s army, the Jewish people sang and danced with their tambourines.

King David played the harp and prayed to ease the torment of Saul’s soul. His prayers became teachings and are still valuable today.

I don’t know if you noticed, but we are all musically inclined since birth and there isn’t a day where we don’t hum or whistle a tune.

Music immortalizes a message, sets an idea, transports our thoughts, relieves, inspires decisions, triggers feelings…

I remember that right after I began coming to Church, I memorized passages from the Bible and was often moved to pray. I spent an entire month singing an old hymn “I love you” to declare my love for the Lord Jesus and receive the Holy Spirit.

Have you noticed that each phase of our life is marked by a song? It is so precious that we will continue to have it in heaven, however, those who go to hell will not have this pleasure.

Sound is an energy that can put a person in a state of tranquility, but it can also fuse an inner war.

By using this instrument, the devil has controlled millions of minds of all ages to do his bidding. This means that, the same way music can create well-being, it can also contaminate. Those who want to remain spiritually well must keep their words, thoughts and ears.

We live in an era of headphones. Millions of people spend hours listening to music. You can be sure that, even without noticing, music influences in some way.

One more thought: nowadays, we could have the highest quality music, in every rhythm, expressing our faith and values.

Unfortunately, we have to sing and listen to old songs because there’s been a lack of inspiration and spirituality in our composers.

The wellspring that flowed in the past continues to flow today. Maybe, the problem is a lack of Christians that aren’t interested in fame or money, and whose only interest is to promote the Kingdom of God.

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