Have your problems become high walls

There was a big wall in Jericho built to prevent to stop the children of God from crossing and taking possession of the promised land. And, many walls have been constructed to keep you from possessing what is already yours.

Do you think that God would promise something that He is not able to fulfill? Do you think that God would ever promise anything that He did not have the power to give to you? Of course not! All that God promised to you, He is well able to do it. Then you may ask, “Why then do I never take possession of these promises? It seems that the more I pray and the more I go to church, the farther I am from my blessings.”

Let me explain what is happening. There is a big wall between you and what you want. On the other side of the wall is all that you need: your blessed family, blessed love life, your business… On your side of the wall, you are unemployed, sick, unmarried, unhappy… However, across the wall is all that you want and dream.

You have to break down the walls! That’s why in The Universal Church, we are having the Campaign of Jericho to break down these walls. Not even one brick will remain. Come to The Universal Church near you and the pastor will help you to overcome 2 walls: the one that you have inside of you and the wall of circumstances that have seen surrounding your life.

Perhaps the years have weakened your faith, and you feel that you have no strength to fight the walls that divide you from your children, that keep you from your own business, the wall that stands between the illness in your body and your health and recovery, the walls of loneliness that block you from finding a compatible partner and being married. By faith, the Wall of Jericho fell after being encircled for 7 days. Regardless of the barrier or wall that stands between you and your happiness; by faith, it can crumble.

Come to any meeting of The Universal Church during this week and join the thousands that will be using their faith to overcome the barriers that stand in their way. Bring your loved ones because a family that prays together stays together.

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