Bold Faith. This title absolutely describes the faith that is practiced by the Universal Church and Bishop Macedo.

I just finished, at this very moment, reading the Nothing to Lose 2 book. And I am overcome with a feeling of gratitude.

As I read through the book, I smiled and my eyes filled with tears. I was angry because of the accounts of injustices – most happened when I was still a young child. But I was also overjoyed by the deliverance and faithfulness of our God.

I “devoured” the book in two days. In the end, I wanted another two hundred pages.
After reading the very last word and closing the book, I looked at the cover and found a photo. This photo wasn’t of a mere man, but of a father. The father of a large nation.

Thus the gratitude.
Gratitude for the courage, surrender and strength. Gratitude for not giving up.
Something immediately came to my mind: if he had given up, where would I be? What would have become of my family?

My grandmother, who was already a member of an evangelical church, saw her family being destroyed. So she decided to give the new Church that was inaugurating in our city a chance. There, she learned about a different kind of faith– sacrificial, supernatural– which transformed the whole family: children, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law and grandchildren.

I don’t know what would have become of my entire family if you had given up.

Thank you for showing us a Living God!
One who restores and transforms.
Thank you for never quitting.
Thank you for every blog, and every message you give us on your radio program.

Thank you for letting yourself be used by God.
When I finished reading the book and looked at that picture of you smiling, I asked God: “My Lord, You must allow me to thank this man in person with a tender embrace of gratitude.”

Bishop, you and your family are in our prayers, everyday.

God bless you greatly!

Valeria Milani
Indaiatuba – SP


Act of Faith


This Faith is what helped me turn my life around.
I have worked as a housekeeper and a laundress. I never graduated high school; I did some grade school and then got a General Educational Development (GED) diploma. But it was during a great revolt against the misery in my life that I manifested faith in the prophet.
Today I am a businesswoman; I have clients in almost every state of Brazil. My clients are all engineers and I communicate with them via email and phone. Bishop, I am well known throughout Brazil because of my work, even without them knowing me personally.
First of all, I thank God for all this and second, I thank the teachings of the prophets who are on the Altar of the Universal Church.

Maria das Graças

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