Grand Opening of New Help Centre in London




The UCKG Help Centre is now open in London, Ontario. The Grand Opening Service took place on Sunday October 5th at 10am for all members and newcomers.

The new Help Centre offers:
• Free counseling
• Hands-on healing
• Marriage and relationship guidance
• Motivational services
• Life coaching
• Youth group
• Kids zone
• Worship & prayer services
• Open 7 days a week



Before coming to the Universal Church, my biggest problem was depression and sadness because of the family problems I was facing. I used to cry because of this.

One day someone from my family received a flyer in the mailbox and he gave it to me. I immediately called for help, and the same day I went to church. I received a strong prayer of deliverance and I heard about the chain of prayer on Fridays and Sunday mornings. I started applying everything that was taught.

I have only been coming for two months and I am free from depression. I don’t cry because of my problems; I learned to fight against the evil forces. My daughter did not talk to me for a year and two months, suddenly one day she came to me and asked for forgiveness. Today, we talk frequently.

I have much more to conquer, but in just two months I can see a difference in my life. Thanks to this living God I have found at the Universal Church.

Maria Fleites
London, ON

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