God’s dream

If you think that the Almighty does not have dreams, you are wrong.

If He did not have dreams, He would never have sacrificed His Only Son.

And why did He do this? What dream or desire motivated Him to sacrifice?

The dream of rescuing mankind; to save people from hell; to transform them for His own glory. This is, to restore them, through His Spirit, new creations, beings according to His image and likeness – true children of God.

God, through the mouth of His servant Asaph, with poetic language, filled with the deepest feelings, like a dreamer, like a shipwrecked man who longs for help, like a bee that longs for honey, so He, the Lord of lords, tenderly longs to bring back His creation. This is His dream.


How often do we use this word to initiate a desire for a realization of the soul?

Oh! If I won the lottery…

Oh! If I could and had enough money…

Oh! If I could only find someone to make me happy…

Oh! If this, or that.

This is precisely how the Lord expresses His dream.

Oh, that My people would listen to Me, that Israel would walk in My ways! I would soon subdue their enemies, and turn My hand against their adversaries… He would have fed them also with the finest of wheat; and with honey from the rock I would have satisfied you. Psalm 81.13-16

But, instead, He has been affronted because people have rejected His voice.

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