Godllywood Challenge

Since I started Godllywood in October 2010, it has been such an amazing journey that has taught me many things about myself that I never knew were possible to change. With the monthly tasks, group meetings, events and one-to-one sessions, I laughed, cried and rejoiced. I was taught to soul search and get rid of habits that were only impeding me to grow.

I can recall a time when I thought I had forgiven everyone from my past. A task came up to make me realise that I actually hadn’t forgiven them. It was painful to go back and face those feelings, but I wanted to move forward; and so with the help of my Big Sisters and most importantly God, I was able to get rid of all the hurt and memories of the past.
I have a family of friends and sisters around me who can help me to continue to grow and evolve as a young woman. Changes are great; they make you look forward to a new you. I have also managed to control my emotions and act based on the reasoning of my mind rather than the feelings of my heart. Godllywood has taught me to see my problems as opportunities to aim higher than what I thought I could. I learnt about style, diet, fitness and how to look after myself in general.

The honesty of the Big Sisters made it so easy for me to open up. I understand my worth and realise that I have a lot to give. Godllywood has given me the strength to knock down all the walls that were in my life.

Yolanda Romay

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