GIDEON’S SPRING- Where the 300 Are Born.


The Bible tells the story of Gideon and the 300 soldiers. At that time, the assets of the people of Israel were destroyed and stolen by the Midianites, who invaded their lands. Therefore, the Israelites hid from their enemies. But one day, God raised Gideon as a leader among His people. Then, He directed him to choose a select army of strong people.

For this, those who were afraid were excluded and, subsequently, those who failed the test at the spring. Among 10,000 enlisted in that army, only 300 men were separated. This test that God made with the men of Gideon was to separate the brave from those who pretend to be capable.

The brave were those who, in a beautiful place like that spring, did not relax. The enemy army was camped in a place not far from that spring.

You must not listen to the chaos prophets out there. They are ‘prophesying’ that there will be unemployment, that the economy will break.

Everything bad, in the world. It seems they are rooting for disgrace. But you cannot listen. You have to choose to believe in the Word of God, ”

Use your supernatural faith.

Likewise, today, God assesses the quality of the faith of those who enlist among His people. Notably, we live in difficult times with the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus. But, it is at a time like this that you discover your courage to win, just like the valiant of Gideon.






Bishop Renato Cardoso.