From hell to life

God chose the foolish things to shame the wise! I grew up in the Church, but at age of 13, I decided to turn away from the Lord Jesus and live in the “illusions” of this world. At 17, I fell in love, got pregnant and he left me. This is when my troubles began.
I had my daughter, and soon after, met another man. I got pregnant, but he left me too. One year later, I met a man who was in prison, fell in love again and, my God… I started bringing drugs to him in prison. He was addicted to crack and I was paid a lot of money for my services. Until he made a huge debt and I had to pay it. I got pregnant again.
Eight years later, he was released from prison, but I left him because I couldn’t take that lifestyle any longer. He would hit me, my children and I would often not have anything to eat and he would make me have sexual intercourse with him when I didn’t want to. So, I decided that I had enough. We separated and I went to “enjoy” life.
While at a party, I was introduced to cocaine. I would use once a week, but I started going out more often, so that led to using drugs more often. My children were going through horrible thing in life, and I just didn’t care! Then, my son was raped, and that’s when I really hit rock bottom. I delve into the addiction, so much so that I started prostituting myself, and would sometimes exchange sexual favors for drugs.
People tried to kill me several times, and God, with His Mercy, never allowed evil to take my soul. During all these years, I tried to return to the Lord Jesus, but I would use an emotional faith and ended up returning to that sinful life. While working as a prostitute, I ended up getting pregnant by a married man. This is something I’m very ashamed of! Twenty-two years later, I returned from that world of “illusions” feeling empty, frustrated, with four children from four different fathers, living in poverty… But with a rational faith. In the last 1 year and 4 months I’ve cried, groaned, fought, persevered and WON!
I was delivered and received the Holy Spirit. All this happened because of the feelings of abandonment and remorse; this is, emotions. I sincerely repented and today, I take care of my children, work hard to prosper, participate in the Love Therapy, I’m part of Godllywood and greatly honored to be serving God.
Bishop, may God bless you, your family and this work!
Fernanda Oliveira

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