Free from Hinduism

My name is Sasikala, I am 22-years-old and live in Chennai, southern India.

Before coming to the Universal Church, I suffered with various spiritual problems, such as suicidal thoughts, depression, fear, inferiority complex and anger. I used to cry every day, for no reason.

This started to affect my family. I no longer had any desire or interest to attend school, my grades were not good and my parents were really upset about this because they invested greatly in my education.

As things went from bad to worse, my father, who was very Hindu, began taking me to the temples so that I could be successful with my studies and be delivered from all of those problems.

I remember there were several kinds of sacrifices that I had to do for the gods, and I also had to do fasts and “poojas” or puja (a Hindu religious ritual to show faith, respect and dedication to the gods). One of the hardest sacrifices was to walk on fire, but I did it with the objective of putting an end to all that suffering.

However, none of that worked; on the other hand, I began being possessed by evil spirits who said they would deliver me from all evil. But I started to fail every test I took, my problems only got worse, I hated myself and constantly had thoughts of suicide. That’s when I thought to myself: “I just can’t live.”

I decided to quit school because I no found pleasure in anything. I isolated myself from everyone at school and always felt very sad. My depression increased and I felt like a burden on my family, despite knowing that they loved me.

This was when I tried to commit suicide for the first time. I took poison, but it seemed like I didn’t take the right amount because it just upset my stomach. The following day, for the second time, I tried to commit suicide by taking another kind of poison to kill insects, but I did not die.

Not happy with the fact that I failed, I decided to try for the third time by taking 17 sleeping pills. After a few minutes I started to feel sick, so I told my mother what I had done and then everything went black. I was rushed to the hospital, where I was treated, but my blood pressure was very low and my pulse almost stopped.

I was taken to three hospitals because the doctors did not want me to die under their care. After being treated, I went back home. My parents no longer had hope for me, because after they saw the doctors’ reactions, death was the only thing that was certain in my life.

This was when my aunt told us about a Church she found when she went downtown. She explained that this Church had deliverance work and asked them to take me there.

My family, who was very Hindu at the time, did not hesitate to take me because they were tired of searching for solutions.

When I arrived at the Church, I was very weak and debilitated. My mother told the pastor all about my problem and he immediately did a strong prayer over my head. This was when it was all revealed, there was an evil spirit inside me causing all those problems because it wanted to end my life.

My parents decided to take me to the Universal Church a few more times. I began to attend deliverance meetings every Friday, and soon we saw that this problem also happened to other people.

I understood that I had to fight for my deliverance and that was exactly what I did. By faithfully attending the meetings on Fridays and also on Sunday mornings, I began to see a change in my life.

Today I am free from all the evil, I was baptized in water and participated in the Fast of Daniel, because I understood the importance of the Holy Spirit in my life, and was sealed with the Spirit of God.

My family and I live well, we are very happy. I no longer suffer with any of those problems and I’m going to get my electronics engineering degree this year.

Today I am persecuted by some of my classmates and teachers in college. My family also suffers persecution because we converted, but we will not surrender our faith for anything.

I want other people to know the One True God that exists, the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

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